All products on this website are not for resale or redistribution.

Products can be used for commercial use but cannot be sold or redistributed.

Under these terms the following are prohibited:


  • Reselling/selling items bought off this website.
  • Attempting to make a profit off of the files sold/shown on this website, you can use the files to create visuals on for-profit projects but you cannot sell or give away the files. The files must not be sold as a product but rather they should be used to support a different project, for example a YouTube video or channel.
  • Charging other people for edited versions of the products on this website. (For example charging someone for a custom thumbnail then sending a template from this website with edited text.)
  • Claiming that the products from this website were created by you or a different company/person.
  • Relisting the products on this website on a different website.
  • Uploading the products from this website to another location.


Anyone who breaches the above terms will be sent a takedown for breaching both copyright rules and also the terms agreed to on this site.

By purchasing from GFXCRATE you agree to all of the above terms.