How do I receive my products?

Your products will be emailed to you, they will be sent to the email you provide at checkout so please ensure this is correct. For nearly all products your downloads will be sent with instant downloads meaning a link to download should be in your inbox right after purchase. For some products you may need to wait for manual delivery via email, this will be stated on the product page.


How do I edit the files?

The files on GFXCRATE are editable in Adobe Photoshop as they are .psd files. You can edit the files by simply opening them in Photoshop and changing the text or moving/adding anything you want - the products have no locked layers or flattened elements meaning the files are delivered exactly how they were created and are 100% editable.


Can I get custom products?

Yes, please contact us if you wish to purchase custom designs off us. Pricing can be discussed once the project has been gone through. You can contact us here.


Can you make a pack for a specific game/genre?

Yes, please contact us if you think there is a game/genre we can add to GFXCRATE. We will see if the creation is viable and if so we may create your request! Alternatively you can also request custom work if you need designs for a genre we don't already cover. You can contact us here.


How do the Everything Packs work?

The everything packs provide you with products based on in-game events and promotions. For example in our FC packs you will receive new products for every new promo. Once you purchase you will receive access to a drive with all the files included in it, new products will be added to this drive for every new promo and you will receive a notification email every time new products are added.


Do you have any discounts?

Yes! You can find our latest and greatest discounts on our dedicated page here.


Can I sell my designs on GFXCRATE?

We're always on the lookout for fresh new products to sell on GFXCRATE, if you think you have designs which we can sell here then contact us and we can discuss financial terms!


Can I get free products in exchange for social media promotion?

If you think you can help us then we'd be happy to help you too! Contact us for any queries around promotions and we'll see what we can come up with.


Who runs GFXCRATE?

GFXCRATE is run by social media designer Finn, find out more here!


How do I know GFXCRATE is trustworthy?

We've been going since 2018 and we've sold packs to over 500 people, the creator of GFXCRATE Finn has also worked with over 3000 clients across the last 8 years! If you want to see our reviews then you can here!